Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas in Colorado

In spite of not being on Facebook, I still want to share some pictures and things about our family here and there. So here's a picture post (with helpful captions) of some of our holidays here in Colorado!

Sean and his bucking bronco– a present from Gran and Grandaddy McCaskey. Of course he wanted to sit on it while he ate his Cheerios!

The little woodland tree in Sean's and my room– courtesy of my older sister's family, who cuts down their Christmas trees in the mountains every year. I made the paper chains and put all my homemade ornaments on it for a rustic look.

Mom and Dad with the presents I wrapped so beautifully for them! :-)

Growing up, we always had a sibling picture on this old couch before we opened our stockings. My brother Jeremy came to spend Christmas, so we could still have a couch picture with two of the five siblings (and Sean, of course.) 

I brought our Nativity set when we moved here in March.

Sean got his very own set of car keys in his stocking (from Father Christmas!). The makers were brilliant enough to really make the key parts out of metal– which of course is what fascinates every toddler!

Aunt Emily knitted Sean a viking hat for Christmas!

And since Sean didn't really want to wear it very long, it fit perfectly on my bun! :-)

We had a party for New Year's Eve, and a party at my parents' house means lots and lots of amazing food. Including mango-vanilla panna cotta made by my father!

Emily and I having a cream puff orgy, while my nephew Spencer is simply goofy. :-)

Moments not captured on camera– Nate called on Facetime on Christmas Eve night, and I read our traditional Christmas storybook, A Worker In Sandalwood, aloud to him and Sean before Sean went to sleep.

Jeremy spent Christmas Eve night at my parents' house. Since it's tradition for SOMEBODY in the family to be roused on Christmas morning by Christmas music, I used my boombox (aren't I a groovy kid?!) to wake Jeremy with a raucous chorus ("Merry Christmas, Merry merry Christmas!!") from a Trans-Siberian Orchestra album. 

Once Sean figured out that fun things were coming out of his stocking (a Koosh ball, his own pack of Kleenex, an old flip phone, and a Slinky, as well as the keys!) he became very eager to pull things out– and rather disappointed once it was empty. He continued to reach down his arm into his stocking for several minutes, making enquiring "hmmm?" noises at me.

On New Year's Eve, at about 5 minutes till midnight, Nate Facetimed in again, so that when the New Year arrived I could kiss him on my phone screen. Hey, I'll take whatever I can get– thank the Lord for technology!

Happy New Year!!

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