Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sean 4.6

I realize I never posted a "four-month" blog post with Sean, mostly because we were getting ready to leave for seven weeks for a combination of Squadron Officer School at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery for Nate (basically the training all captains in the Air Force have to go to so they can eventually be promoted to majors), Thanksgiving in Tennessee, and Christmas in Colorado. Now we are safely in Montgomery, in an "historical house" we rented on Airbnb that has ripply, creaky wood floors and mirrors everywhere, and I present you with this rambling "Sean at four and 2/3 months old" post. :-)

Just last night, as I was giving Sean his pre-bed bottle (I have taken to pumping in the mornings so that we can basically stuff him right before bed; it helps him sleep longer!) I looked over at Nate and said mournfully, "What happened to my teeny tiny baby?" So far no one has said to me, "Enjoy it because they grow up so fast!" but if someone did, I would affirm the statement heartily. No one has to tell me to enjoy it. Somebody just needs to tell me the magic formula for slowing down the growth!

Because really, how perfect is Sean right now! The can't-crawl-but-sure-trying-hard stage, the can-almost-sit-up-on-his-own stage, the experimenting-with-his-voice stage so that some days he squeaks and squawks like a mouse-parakeet combination, and some days, like today, he growls and roars like an asthmatic jaguar or a guttural gorilla. Lately he's been waking up around 5am and I nurse him in bed with me and then we both fall back to sleep. He wakes up before I do and starts chattering and cooing to himself, and when I finally manage to unglue my eyelids, there he is, beaming benevolently at me and babbling "good morning" in his own special language. His personality reveals itself more and more every day, and my stars but this child is as stubborn as both his parents! He's been fighting naps the past couple of days– utterly determined not to fall asleep in his pack'n'play, to the point of passing out on his blanket on the floor, and, yesterday, nodding off while sitting on my lap as we Skyped with Grammy in Colorado. The good news is that he has finally decided that being in his carseat is no longer the worst affliction known to man, which is good timing since he's spent quite a bit of time in it in the travels of the past week.

The past month and a half have contained a number of "firsts"– the first time I left Sean with someone other than a family member (thanks Heidi!!), the first time, just shy of four months old, when he rolled from his back to his tummy (we could see the determination on his face as he stubbornly tried over and over until he finally mastered it!), and the first bachelor weekend that he and Nate had together back in October. I had managed to pump and freeze enough milk to make it possible for me to go on the squadron wives' getaway to Wilmington, NC, and after being reassured by my husband, my mother, my sister, and my friends that I was not a terrible mother for wanting a weekend away, I went! I didn't cry when I left, either, but I think I only managed to get through the weekend by not thinking about Sean. Nate was forbidden to call me unless it was a real emergency, and since three poopy diapers in one day didn't constitute an emergency, so we merely texted so that I could reassure myself that both husband and son were alive and well. And they were! I think it was good for me to get away and be reminded that Sean's existence doesn't absolutely depend on me– while obviously it's best that I take care of him, he isn't going to shrivel up and die if I'm not there.

The pictures will tell the rest of the story of the past month and a half:

Is it terrible of me that when I see this picture
I hear, "Damn it feels good to be a gangster"
in my head?!
Emperor Cheerfullus Maximus

Breaking all kinds of safety regulations, no doubt!

Super Baby!

A mini Mozart?
I tried to explain to him that in polite society
it is not quite The Thing to try to eat the tablecloth.
He disagreed.

Oh, do stop boring me, all of you.
The loves of my life!
Selfie with Mama!
Trying on hats just for fun!

Finally getting to meet Auntie Maggie and Uncle
Ben leads to giggles all round!
"Hey Mom, watch this!"
Being shown around Auburn by Auntie Maggie. 
This is what happens when he fights naptime.

He quite enjoys his tongue.

He has taken to practicing the skydiving posture.

He wasn't particularly impressed by the flamingos.
There are anteaters back there somewhere!
Watching the goats with Daddy!

I am so in love with this little man, and so incredibly thankful for life with him and his daddy.
Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 

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