Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Three months!

When my mom went home after two weeks of cooking, cleaning, holding Sean while I napped or showered, and generally taking care of all of us, I cried. Nate was back at work and I genuinely didn't think that I was going to be able to survive with just Sean and me. What would we eat once the freezer meals were used up? How would I take showers without someone there to hold him? How would I sleep during the day to make up for the lost hours at night? I didn't think we were going to survive. And now Sean is three months old, and somehow we're here, and we haven't starved and I haven't gone more than two or three days without showering, and somehow we haven't perished of sleep-deprivation either!

Selfie with Mama!
Month three was full of exciting "firsts"– first trip to Gran and Grandaddy's house in Atlanta, first time meeting Uncle Dan and Aunt Heather, first chiropractor appointment (chiro adjustments for babies are nothing like adult adjustments, don't worry!) first squadron event (a picnic up at Lake Wateree) and first trip to the beach at Edisto! Sean also graduated to the next size up in diapers, began drooling and spitting up so much that he now spends most of the day in bibs, and gave us an enchanting week where he slept through the night every night (alas, it didn't last! He will usually give us one or two nights a week of no getting up between 10pm and 6am, and I am grateful for that at least!) He grabbed his toes for the first time a couple weeks ago, and while we were at the beach he learned how to hold onto his green worm rattle. He was not particularly impressed with the beach– he screamed almost the whole short stroller-walk there, and though he tolerated me putting his toes in the damp sand, when the surf came swishing up over our feet he immediately began to cry.

I'm miserable, Mom! I hate the beach!

Friends of ours gave us a little bouncing chair that their baby had outgrown, and it immediately became Sean's favorite place to hang out. He sits next to my chair while we're eating and babbles and coos and screeches and kicks as though he's treading water or sprinting. He is still the most active and expressive baby I've ever seen– he kicks, he wiggles, he squirms, he practices sitting up on my lap. He grins, he pouts, he frowns, he smirks, he flirts; he looks suspicious, or coy, or surprised. He does fish and chipmunk impressions. He enjoys having the undivided attention of a grown-up (and therefore had the time of his life at the beach house where there were four extra adults to hold him and talk to him!) and he gets bored and whines if I leave him to amuse himself for too long. Much to my chagrin he will already stare at the television if I happen to be watching Netflix– if he's on his tummy on the floor he looks up at it and I have to rotate his blanket so he can't see it. On the other hand, he's very attentive when I read to him, and when I make up silly songs to sing to him he'll babble along sometimes.

Just chillin'

Going commando
I spiked his hair with coconut oil after his bath!

Saddest poochy-lip ever!!
I think he looks like a Keebler Elf.

Holding his worm!

On the one hand, it's unfathomable to me that Sean is already three months old, and on the other hand, I feel as though he has always been part of our lives. Sometimes if he gets up at 6 am to nurse I bring him in bed with us, and then we'll both fall asleep while he's nursing and wake up an hour later. When I lean over to him and whisper "good morning" he grins his charming, eye-sparkling grin, and I can't believe that we ever lived without him.


One month

Two months

Three months!

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  1. oh my goodness, they grow so fast in those first three months, I can hardly believe it!