Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Butterfly Babies

My butterfly babies–
Livia and Lucy, Lucy and Livia
Your names are the windchime song of summer
The lilting dance of butterflies on the breeze
Your names belong together.
They are the signifier of your twin identities
Never separated in life or death
So my picture of you is hand in hand
Stifling giggles, whispering secrets in a language all your own.

Yet– you are not the same
And the only way I can know you now– in my heart–
your personalities bloom.

Livia, my dancer
Fearless, vibrant
The butterfly who soars high on the breeze,
reaching for the stars
A star-child
Stubborn, and mischievous, the instigator always!
You would have led your sister into trouble
and then come charging in to rescue her
Fierce in love, protective,
my Livia.

Lucy, my nestler
As you curled up close to my heart
And waited– quiet, patient
The butterfly who rests on a flower and pauses
soaking in the beauty
A sunshine-child
Gentle, loyal– a child of storybooks and snuggles
Steadfast in love
My Lucy.

And I can't help but wonder
In those last few hours your spirits remained
Did you know what was coming?
I pray, I pray, I pray there was no pain
Only peace.
Livia, I see you taking Lucy by the hand
to lead her through the door to Eternity
Your bold spirit eager for the adventure beyond
And Lucy, quietly trusting, following your sister.
And He was there to welcome you.
Somehow, I think you both knew Him–
knew the gentle touch of His shepherd's hands
knew the quiet tone of the love in His voice
And I like to think it was His voice
which first spoke your names to you
as I would have done
And I like to think that it was His nail-pierced hands
that caught you up together 
as your daddy would have done
And you both laughed for joy
Joy is all you'll ever know.

My butterfly babies– sweet Livia and Lucy
I dream of the day when I walk through that door
And I like to think He'll be waiting for me– and so will you.
I picture us running across a green field
The last sprint of a lifetime to reach you– 
the only tears now and forever are tears of joy
As I call your names like a windchime song
And hear your voices for the first time,
And His voice, rejoicing over us with singing.

Happy birthday, my precious daughters.

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  1. This is breathtaking Meredith. I love reading about your vision of their sisterhood, such a sweet picture!