Saturday, August 4, 2012

How I know I'm Not In Wichita Falls Any Longer

the palm tree sentinels, lining the roads, stately guards of the traffic

the cacti, like weird bristling many-armed mutants

the mountains in not two, not three, but all four directions. I have already learned how to tell them apart. And I know which way is west again.

I'm writing this in a Barnes & Noble, surrounded by books.

Chick-Fil-As, Chipotles, and Red Robins, oh my!

the shade works. In humid heat, the shade is broken. Here the shade has been mended and is thus functional.

We live in a stucco jungle.

landscaping everywhere. I didn't realize that suburbs in the desert could possibly be as pretty as they are where we live! They must have a Committee for Making Neighborhoods and Shopping Centers Nice to Look At.

The percentage of people I see who are obese has dropped dramatically.

Our thermostat is set to seventy-seven degrees... and that feels perfectly cool to us.

more than five libraries within a reasonable driving distance! I think I'll get cards for all of them!

Instead of T-38s like little sparrows zipping busily across the sky, it's the F-16s gliding like stately, fearsome hawks, and the Pilot cranes his neck to look at them and I beg him to look at the road every now and then too, the F-16s aren't going anywhere, and actually he'll be flying them in less than two months!

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