Tuesday, February 14, 2012


You are the weave of my dreams and the pattern of my life.

When I first saw you I had no idea, but by the end of an hour I knew I liked you, and who's to say that wasn't on purpose, that somehow something deep down within me knew. There you were, and I thought that I was looking for the missing puzzle piece, and it turned out you were the puzzle. You were the riddle that kept me awake at night, you were the song I couldn't get out of my head, you were the one that an empty part inside of me had known all along, and recognized you when you arrived, and welcomed you in.

You are my serenader, my reasoner, my logician. You eat pancakes and peanut butter and you thank me for making you breakfast. You are not a prince charming: you are better. You are real. You are my Pilot and you have swept me up into the heights of adventure.

You know the language of my heart and you whisper it to me, in ways no Valentine card could ever capture. You learn the codes of my mind and I stand in awe that you would strive to know me so deeply. You are my partner and my friend and my fellow dragon-slayer. You are my love, and you have made me yours, and our dance will make rhythm and our story will make adventure and our love will make a song for the rest of our lives.

Lover-Pilot-Husband, my fingers stumble and my heart's tongue falters, but you know the language of no words. Happy Valentine's Day.

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